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          同學們,你是一個熱衷于駕駛旅游的人嗎(petrolhead), 你們怎么看自動駕駛汽車,或者叫做無人駕駛汽車(autonomouscars)

          An autonomous – or independent anddriverless – car is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input.自動駕駛或者說無人駕駛汽車,是指汽車可以感應周圍環境,不用人類介入就可導航。

          Actually most car accidents involve anelement of human error.但事實上大多數車禍都是人為錯誤造成的。

          For example, people who are behind the wheel while tired or drunk – or distracted.例如,人在駕駛時可能會因疲憊或喝多了而分心。

          I often see people talking on their mobile phones – or texting – instead of looking at the road.是的,我經??吹饺藗冮_車在講電話或發短信,都不看路。

          I would feel happier if I could take back control of an automated car if I wanted to.如果在我想自己掌控自動駕駛汽車時,就可以自己掌控,那我會感到開心點。

          Google is developing a car in which everything will be self-contained.谷歌正在研發完全獨立駕駛的汽車。

          The biggest thing you notice right off the bat is that the car accelerates a little bit more aggressively than a regular car might.你立刻就能注意到的最明顯的事,是無人駕駛汽車加速時,比普通汽車勢頭大。

          And it brakes a little more aggressively than a regular car might.剎車時也比普通汽車猛。

          but other than that it takes about ten seconds for you to get pretty comfortable.但除此之外,它只花費十秒鐘就能讓你感到很舒服。

          And the car knew how to stop for red lights;無人駕駛汽車知道如何在紅燈前停車,

          it knew how to run through yellow lights.知道如何通過黃燈,

          it could detect pedestrians and navigateits way around parked cars.它能探測到行人,繞過??康能囕v。

          All in all, it felt very similar to a regular car-driving experience.總之,和普通的車駕駛經驗類似。

          You can take the driverless car, and do your work. 你可以乘坐無人駕駛汽車,然后做你的工作。


          Autonomous 自主的

          Navigate 導航

          Human error 人為錯誤

          Behind the wheel 在駕駛,掌舵

          Petrol head 非常熱衷于駕車旅行的人

          Flat out 竭盡全力

          Backseat driver 指手畫腳的人

          Override 推翻,不顧

          Right off the bat 立刻

          In the driving seat 有控制權,掌權

          (Reference: BBC,可可英語)