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          同學們好,你們喜歡健身嗎,健身可以讓我們身心健康。當今社會都是久坐的生活方式(sedentary lifestyles)導致我們既損傷了健康,又失去了人與人之間的交流。那么今天我們來討論一個有趣的話題,以及六個實用詞匯(where we get together to discuss an interesting topic along with six useful items of vocabulary to wrestle with.)為什么人們要去健身房以及為什么健身房會員變得越來越流行(we’re talking about going to the gym and why gym membership is becoming increasingly popular.)

          I prefer to go for a run on my own. It’s free, and I enjoy being outdoors.我更喜歡自己一個人跑步。它是免費的,并且我享受戶外活動。

          I go because I really like the SPIN classes.好吧,我去健身房是因為我真的喜歡SPIN課。

          If I wasn’t in a class, I don’t think I would push myself so hard. I need someone to shout at me, to make me go faster and get up those hills.好吧,是的,是那個!如果我不參加課程的話,我不認為自己能把自己逼得這么緊。我需要有人沖我喊,讓我跑得更快,勇攀高峰。

          And if you push yourself, you force yourself to try harder, you set yourself a challenge.如果你逼自己,就是強迫自己去更努力,你給自己設置了一個挑戰。

          As people have become more sedentary, they’ve realized that they need to move for their health.隨著人們久坐的時間越來越長,他們意識到他們需要為了自己的健康動起來。

          We work about 35% more hours than we used to work in the 60s. And people are too busy to play sports.我們工作時間比60年代的時候增長了35%。并且人們太忙以至于沒有時間做運動。

          Society has become fragmented and a lot of the things that used to bring people together don’t exist anymore. But, you know, we’re tribal animals, pack animals.社會群體分化,許多過去將人們聚集在一起的事物不再存在。但是你知道的,我們是部族生物,群居動物。

          And the gym has been one of the things that helps people to commune.并且健身房已經成為了幫助人們密切聯系的事物之一。

          Because we’re busier with work, we have less time to take exercise.因為我們工作越來越忙碌,我們用來鍛煉的時間就越來越少。

          Why are we choosing to go to the gym these days, rather than heading down to the park to play football? It’s because society has become fragmented. And we’re losing the social connectedness that made it easy to get together and take exercise.所以為什么現在我們選擇去健身房而不是去公園里踢足球呢?菲利普認為是因為社會變得分化。并且我們正在失去令聚集與鍛煉變得容易的社會聯系。

          For example, Rob likes to commune with nature when he goes running. He enjoys the way the landscape changes with the seasons.例如,當羅伯跑步時,他喜歡親近自然。他享受四季變化的風景。


          (Reference:BBC; BBC六分鐘英語)