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          同學們,我們今天的話題是關于嚼口香糖(we're taking about chewing gum on today's programme)。同學們是否見過隨地扔嚼過的口香糖這一影響城市文明的行為呢,為什么口香糖難以清理,而人們又為什么喜歡吃口香糖呢?新加坡政府在1992規定,嚼口香糖是違法的(outlaw),為什么呢?跟我一起來看BBC是怎么討論的吧!

          Some experts say that the chewing action can lead to an increase in blood flow to the brain.一些專家說嚼口香糖的動作會導致流入大腦的血液增加。

          What's the history of chewing gum? Well, people have been chewing gum for thousands of years.嚼口香糖的歷史是怎樣的,人們吃口香糖已經有幾千年的時間了。

          The Ancient Greeks chewed gum made from resin-a sticky substance produced by trees.古希臘人吃的口香糖是由樹脂制成的—一種樹上長出來的粘性物質。

          But why do people like chewing gum? Well, for many people it's just something to do.但是人們為什么要吃口香糖,對于大多數人來說,嚼口香糖只是為了有事可做。

          Research has shown that people find gum chewers are also more approachable-that means they’re friendlier and easier to talk to. 研究表明愛嚼口香糖的人更平易近人—也就是更友好、更好說話。

          Lots of people dispose of gum irresponsibly-that means not responsible.但是很多人處理口香糖的方式都很不負責任。

          It’s often found stuck underneath tables, chairs, benches and escalators. And it’s really and expensive to remove once it has dried.我們經常發現有口香糖粘在桌子、椅子、長椅下面以及電梯里。

          People do use high-pressure steam cleaners and then they scrape it off. But it’s a slow process that’s labour-intensive, which means it takes a lot of people to do it. 有些人會先用高壓清潔器蒸,然后刮下來。但是這種方法太慢,屬于“動密集型工程”,即需要很多人力才能完成。

          Food,such as a discarded apple core or banana skin, quickly and naturally degrades-or breaks down. And other types of litter, for example, a crisp packet or a sweet wrapper, can be picked up easily.食物,比如說蘋果核,香蕉皮,很快就會天然降解—或者說分解。其他類型的垃圾,比如薯片的或者糖的包裝袋,就很容易撿起來。

          Whereas chewing gum is a bit like glue once it dries and it’s extremely difficult to remove.但是口香糖有點像黏膠,它當然會破壞環境。

          The amount of discarded gum in Singapore was considered to be such a problem that the government banned the sale and consumption of gum altogether.被隨手扔掉的口香糖在新加坡被看成一個嚴重的問題,因為政府禁止了口香糖的銷售和使用。

          They said it was because people were sticking their gum in the sliding doors of subway trains, stopping the doors from opening and closing.他們說這是因為有人把口香糖粘在了地鐵的滑動門上,以致車門不能正常開關。


          Antisocial 違反社會公德的

          To outlaw something 規定某事物違法

          Resin 樹脂

          Approachable 平易近人的

          Chemical bond 化學鍵

          Labour-intensive 勞動密集型

          Two of a kind 同一類的

          Degrades 降解

          Pellet 粒

          (Reference: BBC, BBC六分鐘英語)