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          Professor Hawking is one of the most famous scientists in the world and people remember him for his synthetic means it's made from something non-natural.霍金教授是世界上最有名的科學家之一,人們因為他的聰明過人而記得他,還因為他用一個有電腦生成的合成聲音來來交流—合成指的是它是由非自然的東西做成的。

          Artificial is similar in meaning-we use it when something is man-made to look or behave like something natural. 人工的跟它的意思相近—當某個東西是人工制成的讓其看起來或表現的像自然的東西的時候我們就會用到這個詞。

          Professor Hawking has said recently that efforts to create thinking machines are athreat to our existence. A threat means something which can put us in danger. 霍金教授最近表示人們試圖創造具有思維能力的機器對我們自身的存在會構成威脅。威脅是指某事物可以令我們陷入危險的處境。

          Well, Professor Hawking has said recently that efforts to create thinking machines are a threat to our existence.霍金教授最近表示人們試圖創造具有思維能力的機器對我們自身的存在會構成威脅。

          There’s no denying that good things can come from the creation of Artificial Intelligence.無可否認人工智能的誕生給我們帶來了很多好的事物。

          Computers which can think for themselves might be able to find solutions to problems we haven’t been able to solve.可以自行思考的計算機可能會找到人類無法解決問題的答案。

          But technology is developing quickly and maybe we should consider the consequences. Some of these very clever robots are already surpassing us.但是科技在高速發展,或許我們應該考慮一下后果。這些相當聰明的機器人當中有一些已經超越了我們。

          To surpass means to have abilities superior to our own.超越就是它們擁有比我們強的能力。

          In many movies and books about robots that think, the robots end up rebelling against their creators.在很多關于會思考的機器人的電影或者書中,這些機器人最后開始反抗他們的創造者。


          Artificial 人工的

          Synthetic 合成的

          Threat  威脅

          To surpass 超越