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          親愛的同學們,你們覺得說一口流利的英語需要多長時間呢?But how long does it take someone to become a fluent speaker of English? 今天BBC 討論的話題是使學英語變的容易一些的常用方法,同時講解一些關于學習的相關詞匯。

          Of course there are a huge number of publications – books, leaflets and magazines – that can help teach you but there are those people who say that you can't beat the real thing – a teacher. Someone who can explain a language to you face-to-face.當然,有很多的書、小冊子和雜志有助于你學英語,但是有些人說你需要一個老師。一個可以跟你面對面解釋語言的人。

          Hold your horses 稍等

          but that comes at a cost and isn't always practical – you might not have a school nearby.是的,但是這要花不少錢,而且不一定實際,你的附近不一定有學校。

          That’s why in the 21st Century, online seems to be the main method of learning.這也是在21世紀網絡學習似乎是學習的主要方法的原因。

          Technology is allowing the English language to come to you!技術實現了英語來到你身邊。

          But as well as using the resources available online, how else can someone help themselves to get a better grasp – a better understanding - of English?但是,通過網上提供的資源,學習者如何能更好的掌握-更好的理解-英語?

          Most importantly, you’ve got to have a good range of vocabulary and grammar.最重要的是,你必須掌握大量的詞匯和語法。

          You need to know lots of words, the more words you know the better, obviously.你需要學會很多單詞,很明顯,知道的單詞越多越好。

          And similarly with grammar, the more grammar you have the better you can explain yourself.語法也一樣,你掌握的的語法越多,表達越容易。

          We also need to think about pronunciation - learners of English often worry about speaking like a native speaker… it‘s not necessary to have a native accent.我們也需要考慮發音 - 英語學習者常常擔心發音是否地道,其實我們不需要有本地口音。

          But this depends on a number of factors such as motivation – how much you want to learn.但這取決于許多因素,如動機 - 你想要學多少。

          And age can be a factor.年齡也是一個因素。

          Some experts say it’s common for children under the age of 11 to be very immersed and be fluent in English in about six months.一些專家說,通常11歲以下兒童非常投入并能在大約六個月時間內說一口流利的英語。

          (Reference: BBC, 可可英語)刻苦學習同時一定保證充足的睡眠哦!